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How does silver ion inactivate bacteria?

Let's dig in a little into the nasties that may live on your brush

Did you know that according to the University of Manchester in England, your toothbrush is home to more than 100 million bacteria, including E. Coli and Staph? Or that the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that fecal germs are also lurking on the average toothbrush! That's right, every time you flush your toilet there's a dispersal of tiny, microscopic particles that fill the air otherwise known as toilet plume. The Tippy brush helps you stay as safe as possible against these invisible nasties through the use of positively ionised silver particles embedded in our TPE (also bacteria resistant) handle and bristles.

How do Tippy do it?

In short, we've invented a better way to up your oral hygiene game. Our brush is made of a fully recyclable, silicone-like, antimicrobial TPE with a modular brush handle and bristles that have been designed to reduce abrasion. During the injection moulding process, we've embedded the base TPE with powerful antimicrobial silver ion charges. We've essentially given bacteria the double F U by mixing two super antimicrobial properties together.

Woah, woah, slow down there Tippy, what's TPE?

TPE is short for Thermoplastic Elastomer. It sounds hectic but it's simply a recyclable material that combines the extreme flexibility and cleanliness of silicone with the longevity and recyclability of thermoplastic.

So, you're probably asking yourself - How on earth do silver ions inactivate bacteria and how does this relate to a toothbrush? Here's the TLDR:

1. Bacteria contaminates the brush surface
2. Silver ions are available to act against the bacteria
3. Silver ions activate and combine with bacterial proteins in the cell
4. Bacteria's DNA replication process has been interrupted and promote oxygen species
5. Bacteria are killed and the surface is cleaner and more hygienic to use

Just like that...BAM...the germs are gone and you get a brush which will never enter landfill.

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We need your help to bring this vision to life. We're launching a kickstarter to crowdfund the production of the Tippy Brush and promote sustainable, oral hygiene globally.
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